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Our Pledge To Our Horse Racing Subscribers (Disclaimer)

Our intentions here at RogueHandicapper.com is to offer You the new fan, novice horseplayer and seasoned bettors horse racing information that is specialized information that is not possessed by the betting public at large which will be an empowerment to the everyday horseplayer or the tournament player for delivering winners and helping you to get to the cashier windows.

Rogue handicapper.com will always be transparent, honest and inclusive with all stakeholders. From the contest players, contest host sites, contest sponsors, and to the governing bodies of contests.

Above and beyond that RogueHandicapper.com will always tell our client’s the truth with what is happening in the tournament room and at the track or within the industry. And letting you know what it means for you & how to use it to your advantage!

Our Pledge To Our Sports Advice Service Subscribers (Disclaimer)

This site is for entertainment purposes only. RogueHandicapper.com does not accept bets nor place bets for its readers. Online gambling may be illegal in your jurisdiction. It is highly recommended that you check with your local or state government before partaking in online gambling.

This site provides highly-specialized NFL, NCAA FB and NHL handicapping advice services specifically geared for over/ under totals, which you won’t find anywhere else! The RogueHandicapper.com delivers for you specialized sports handicapping advice second to none that will have you “Picking Up The Money” from the cashier window!

If you are looking for a sports handicapping expert that is a level above anyone else, who is honest, and has been around for many years, then you have come to the right place! I have been doing sports handicapping specializing in only over/ under totals for many decades privately which has been very successful for me. Now, I offer you the rare opportunity to purchase this highly-specialized information to become a winning player!

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  • No guarantee’s on horse racing or sports advice services be it implied. or express.
  • Service is prohibited to minors in all cases.

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We insure the safety of our customer’s personal information. Our secure checkout server sits behind the latest firewall technology and uses encrypted SSL on all registration and checkout pages. When it comes to safeguarding your personal information, we take our responsibility seriously.

Limited Liability Company

Rogue Handicapper LLC  is Incorporated in the State of Nevada.

Advice Service(s)/ Product(s) Disclaimer

We here at Rogue Handicapper LLC are not responsible for missing or wrong program information such as but not limited to incorrect program(betting) numbers or particular racetrack numbers or horse(s) information, sports rotation sheet(betting) numbers, listed bookmaker odds or team(s) information.

Also, the Rogue Handicapper LLC is not responsible for any financial lost resulting from the use of the Rogue Ratings™ computer program or the betting advice offered as a guide for this product or service or any other associated products or sports advice services offered here at RogueHandicapper.com.

“Players Choice”, “Battle of Saratoga” and the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge Tournament Mentoring Disclaimer

RogueHandicapper.com is not held responsible for any or all non-winning tournament advice selections, non-winning tournament advice listed on sheets or for any non-performance from consultation, tactics and situational contest advice given to any client in any “Players Choice”, “Battle of Saratoga” and or Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge mentored tournament or any other mentored tournament that is not listed as the above mentioned tournament.

The “Players Choice” (TBD commissioned-based stake), “Battle of Saratoga” ($2,000 commissioned-based stake) and the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge tournament mentoring service ($10,000 commissioned-based stake) to be purchased by the client in advance of the contest in which the client hires the mentors to participate. All won monies, prizes or advancing entries will be divided as to what is decided prior to the contest as to each partners share or stake.

Selections and tournament advice is just that, best case analysis of this handicappers as it relates to situational handicapping choices or tournament advice.

All final selections, decisions and the placing of wagers is solely done by the partners. These recommendations are based upon the initial race and track scenarios and dynamics. The “Players Choice”, “Battle of Saratoga” and the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge Mentoring Service or any other purchased/ staked tournament mentoring service from the RogueHandicapper.com has no responsibility for the clients final decision in any or all contests or provided selections in which they have engaged the mentor.