Ellen Patrick Wins The NTRA/ NHC 18 “Last Chance Contest”…Rogue Ratings delivers the top prize!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to qualify for the NHC Finals 18!

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Ellen Patrick wins the Last Chance Contest held on Thursday, January 26, 2017 the day before the NTRA/ NHC 18 Finals in Las Vegas, NV at the Treasure Island Casino. She won with a score of 170.40 that was $14.10 ahead of the second-place finisher. Ellen outpaced a full contest field of 295 participants in the Last Chance Contest which earned her $22,125.00 and an entry into the NHC 18 Finals.

Ellen qualified for her first NHC in 2008 playing in January 2009 at the Red Rock Resort. Horse handicapping slowed for her for several years while she followed her passion for travel and spending time with her family, along with working at her position as Paralegal and Licensing Compliance Director at a fine dining restaurant group based in Southlake, Texas.

This past July, Ellen realized she had scored points to move her up the NHC Tour leaderboard rankings. With that in mind, she decided she would try to qualify for NHC 18. So, confident she would qualify at some point, she purchased her airline ticket to Vegas back in September! But by year end, she ended up ranked 211 and had no realistic chance to back door her way into a NHC 18 qualifying seat. This left her having to take a different route to cinch a spot for the National Handicapping championship held on January 27-29, 2017.

Looking to up her game and get an edge via a different route, Ellen sought out Hal Wafer a.k.a. the Rogue Handicapper, who offers Tournament Mentoring Services and a unique computer program called Rogue Ratings. The Rogue Handicapper personally mentored Ellen over the past months to help her raise her play to a new level!Screenshot_20170130-004250

The Rogue Ratings computer program allows new fans or novice horseplayers to win at the game of thoroughbred handicapping ‘right out of the gate’ and doing it all in a simple to understand computer app. As the Rogue Handicapper says, “A picture is worth a thousands words and for Ellen I’d say that’s about $22,000”! Both the website and app can be found at www.RogueHandicapper.com and www.RogueRatings.com.


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