FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about RogueHandicapper.com.

Why do I sell my exclusive tournament advice & horse racing selections?
Are you any good picking horses?
Have you had any handicapping tournament success?
Why did you choose the name roguehandicapper.com?
What does your logo tag line mean “You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know?

Why do I sell my exclusive tournament advice & horse racing selections?

I do so for the simple reason that I love to handicap horse races and that I also find a deep satisfaction in teaching, and helping others to win at this beautiful & great game. This in turn helps to create enjoyment for new fans and novice bettors where in the past they didn’t possess this information and as a result experienced no enjoyment at all from the game. Now armed with the information that I provide for the new or novice horseplayer he or she can and will reach proficiency quicker and gain much more enjoyment from the game of horse racing verses never having my help or insight.

Through my personal consultations & interactions with new players I show them the art, enjoyment, skill, and the beauty of thoroughbred horse racing from winning & experiencing the enjoyment of the tournament world to everyday handicapping at the races that they otherwise may not have been taught and never enjoyed…I’M TAKING BACK THE SPORT OF HORSE RACING ONE FAN AT A TIME!

Are you any good picking horses?

All I want to say on this topic is, “I go out there and I do what I do” and I will leave it up to you to tell me if you think I’m any good or not, because as the old saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding”.

I ask for you to find out for yourself by reading what I present here on my website from articles, tournament information advice services, results and testimonials from clients. Then and only then can you know & answer that question intelligently for yourself.

Have you had any handicapping tournament success?

Once again, “I just go out here and I do what I do”. Check out the link on this website titled About and you will find a complete listing of my documented contest results and mentoring success under Tournament Results. Don’t just believe me check out all the results and testimonials from mentored clients, because all the results are documented…How Is That for Proof!

By producing the tournament results that I have done in the past, currently and into the future shows the turf knowledge, unique insight, skill and truthfulness of my words, and everything that I will present to you here at RogueHandicapper.com.

Why did you choose the name roguehandicapper.com?

I believe that the only way to shed light (the truth) on the tournament world and to express my overall thoughts on contests and everyday handicapping advice was to go rogue, but in a good way! Sometimes you have to break away from the “norm” to tell what is really going on. I know that some or even perhaps a lot of what I will present here on this website may surprise a good number of tournament players and horseplayers, but again sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow!.

I’m on a quest for the truth and doing things in the horse racing industry & in the horse racing handicapping tournament world at a higher standard and I will point out where it is lacking, but at the same time I will also give honest suggestions on how to obtain this better standard. I personally know what it feels like to having been wronged in a tournament through no-fault of my own in the past with no-one willing to “do the right thing” at the contest host site or the governing body and I really ended up wondering, where is the justice. So, if I can help one person avoid this problem then I have accomplished something on that note.

What does your logo tag line mean “Winners Delivered Daily”?

It refers to our unique Ratings™ computer program that produces winners for you daily to use to your advantage! And about our Gun For Hire Exclusive Tournament Mentoring Services that delivers winning information from strategies and techniques that all contest players can learn from.

Additionally, the truth is most people’s problem (handicappers) is they think they know everything and as such don’t believe they need to learn anything else because of their “ego”. If you can overcome the problem of your “ego” you will be on your way to being much better handicapper and a better person than you are now! 

Some Key Questions Every New, Novice or Experienced Tournament Player Needs to Answer Before They Enter another Contest

  • Do you want to gain a real huge edge against the average man or woman sitting next to you in the tournament room?
  • Do you want to crush the learning curve that exist against you in the tournament room and on the tournament trail?…are you even aware that this does exist against you?
  • Do you want be on par with the sophisticated contest players?
  • Do you want level the advantage held by deep-pocket-players or entitlement players against you?

Now, after answering these questions do you still think you don’t need my advice and insight?

If you want to have a realistic shot at hitting a “life-changing” score and to consistently win in the expanding big money scene of horse racing tournaments then I will show you how. I’m not a miracle worker, but I promise you that I will make you a better tournament player!

You can follow the Rogue Handicapper® on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail any questions to www.Info@RogueHandicapper.com