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Why YOU NEED the Exclusive Tournament Mentoring Services from the Rogue Handicapper®

  • Are you new to the expanding big money horse racing tournament scene?
  • Want to have a realistic chance of cashing-in big at handicapping tournaments?
  • Feel out handicapped by the Sophisticated contest players?
  • Are you a Big Money tournament player that hasn’t achieved the results or success you wanted?

What the Rogue Handicapper®  WILL ACCOMPLISH FOR YOU!

  • I will Crush the Learning Curve that exists against you in the tournament arena!
  • I will Improve Your Odds of cashing-in at horse racing handicapping contests and for Big Money!
  • I will Level the playing field for you vs. the sophisticated contest players!
  • I will Raise Your Tournament Game with my tactics, strategy and unique turf insight!

Tournament Guarantee

100% Tournament Participation Guarantee*


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The Tactics, Turf-Knowledge and Unique Insights that I will provide for
You is Literally Worth Its Weight in GOLD If Used Correctly!

What The Rogue Handicapper® Will Do For You at each Commission-Based Mentored Tournament:

  • I ONLY ACCEPT ONE CLIENT FOR EACH LISTED COMMISSIONED-BASED MENTORED TOURNAMENT. Sign-up and buy the exclusive tournament mentoring services for the specific tournament you want as soon as you see it posted on the Rogue For Hire Booking Calendar to avoid being denied access. This is based on a first-come first-buy service and I will give ONLY YOU, my exclusive tournament mentoring advice which will not be shared or known to any other contest players. This one fact alone shows my integrity, honesty and loyalty that I have for my clients’ and their success! All of this guarantees that my focus and attention will be to help you produce the best results possible.
  • CLOSING TIME TO BUY (ONLINE) COMMISSION-BASED TOURNAMENT MENTORING IS THREE (3) DAYS BEFORE POSTED TOURNAMENT. For example, if a contest is to be held on Saturday, November 14th at then the time to buy the Commission-Based Tournament Mentoring services would need to be done three (3) days before the start date of this contest. So, closing-time to purchase tournament advice services for this event would need to be on or before Wednesday, November 11th.
  • CLOSING TIME TO BUY (IN PERSON) COMMISSION-BASED TOURNAMENT MENTORING  IS FOUR (4) WEEKS IN ADVANCE. For example, if a contest is being held at Saratoga Race Course on Wednesday, August 12th and Thursday, August 13th then the time to buy the Commission-Based Mentored Tournament services would need to be done four(4) weeks before the starting date of this contest. So, closing-time to purchase tournament advice services for this event would need to be on or before Wednesday, July 15th.
  • ADDITIONALLY, IF YOU DO NOT SEE ANY COMMISSION-BASED MENTORED TOURNAMENTS LISTED ON THE CALENDAR PAGE THAT YOU ARE PERSONALLY INTERESTED IN TO BE MENTORED THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME. By contacting me personally at, I will see if am able to mentor you for your specific tournament request that is not listed at Please contact me asap as the lead up time to any tournament is very important.

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*The Rogue Handicapper® 100% Tournament Participation Guarantee is for clients that purchase either a commissioned-based tournament mentoring service or any one of the “Big Money” tournament mentoring packages be it an online or in person event in which the client is unable to participate for any reason at that specific tournament event. The Rogue Handicapper® Guarantees You that he will continue to play in that tournament for both the client and mentor even though the client may not be able to attend.


3rd Place Finisher of the BCBC 2014 and winner of over $124,000.00
1st Place Winner of The NTRA/ NHC 18 Last Chance Contest and of over $22,000.00