The “Battle of Saratoga” Challenge 2017

The “Battle of Saratoga” Handicapping Challenge 2017 Mentoring Package

In Person MentoringThe Rogue Handicapper® “Gives You A Great Opportunity to Win at Historic Saratoga”

Hire us for the “Battle of Saratoga” Handicapping Challenge is one of  the Must Attend Contest Events on the calendar schedule. tournament mentoring packages that the offers players throughout the year. This is a $2,000 commissioned-based stake partnership in which the client agrees to purchase(s) the tournament entry or entries in the name of the mentor (rogue handicapper®) for the “Battle of Saratoga” contest in which the client has engaged the mentor. This commissioned-based stake is a ‘results driven’ agreement that is a “Win-Win Partnership” for both the client and mentor. Where the mentor only get paid if they produce results (cash, prizes or advancing) for the partnership! Additionally, the client gets a ‘World Class Expert’ that allows them the serious opportunity to Win Huge Money!


The In Person Commissioned-Based Tournament Mentoring Service Includes:

  • You will receive exclusive access to the Rogue Ratings™ computer program for the “said” contest and “said” listed contest tracks, which will only be known to You the client.
  • You will receive from the Rogue Handicapper® personal one-on-one consultation before, during and after the contest event via the Rogue Handicapper®.
  • You the client receive the security of the 100% Tournament Participation Guarantee for YOU to be “in action” even if You can’t attend the in person contest event!


*The Rogue Handicapper® 100% Tournament Participation Guarantee is for clients that purchase the “Battle of Saratoga” Handicapping Challenge commissioned-based tournament mentoring service in which You are unable to participate for any reason at this specifically purchased commissioned-based tournament mentoring event. The Rogue Handicapper® Guarantees You that the mentor will continue to play in that tournament for both You and mentor moving forward and therefore guarantees that You will still have action/ play for your percentage in that contest.