“Players Choice” Contest Mentoring


Online MentoringYou “Pick” The Tournament That You Want To Hire the Rogue Handicapper® To Mentor You In!

The “Players Choice” Contest mentoring services allows You to choose the particular contest (online or in-person) that you want to engage the Rogue Team to be mentored in, which is any contest that is not already listed on the Upcoming Events Calendar. This mentoring service is based on a commissioned-based stake partnership (the clients stake amount will be determined by that particular contest price tag).  Which is an agreement in that the client agrees to purchase(s) the tournament entry or entries in the name of the mentor for the specific contest which the client chooses and the mentors agree to play in for a partnership stake between all parties. The commissioned-based stake tournament mentoring is a results driven agreement that is a “Win-Win” partnership for both the client and mentors. Where the mentors only gets paid if they delivers results (cash, prizes or advancing) for the client in a contest.


The “Players Choice” Tournament Mentoring Service includes:

  • You receive exclusive access to the Rogue Ratings™ computer program for the “said” contest and “said” listed contest tracks, which will only be known to You and no other horseplayers!
  • You receive from the Rogue Handicapper® personal one-on-one consultation before, during and after the contest event with the Rogue Handicapper®.
  • You the client receive the security of the 100% Tournament Participation Guarantee for YOU to be “in action” even if You can’t participate directly in an online or in-person contest event!


*The Rogue Handicapper® 100% Tournament Participation Guarantee is for clients that purchase the “Players Choice” Contest which is a commissioned-based stake tournament mentoring service in which you the client is unable to participate for any reason at that specifically purchased tournament mentoring event. The Rogue Handicapper® Guarantees You that the mentor will continue to play in that tournament for both You and mentor moving forward and therefore guarantees that You will still have action/ play for your percentage for that contest.