WHY YOU NEED the Industry Services of the Rogue 

  • Are you an ADW, Racetrack or OTB looking to increase your track handle with new/ existing bettors?
  • Is your pari-mutuel facility looking for an effective and unique Player Development tool?
  • Need a consultant to set-up and manage your own Head 2 Head Match-ups for horse racing?

What the Rogue Industry Services WILL DO For Your Pari-Mutuel Business

  • Rogue Ratings™ computer app will increase your customers ‘Churn’ by allowing them to “Win Now”!
  • Rogue Ratings™ will turn your bad bettors into good bettors and makes your good bettor’s better!
  • Get specialized horse racing know-how that furnishes you with creative and solid horse racing prop’s!

 Establish your pari-mutuel facility as a leader in the untapped growth area of Player Development by offering your customers the Rogue Ratings™ computer program

Specialized Industry Services (Consulting & Licensing)

The specialized Industry Services of the offers pari-mutuel facilities from ADW’s, Casino Race Books, and Race Track/ Racino businesses a cutting-edge product called Rogue Ratings™ which is a unique computer program for new fans and novice horseplayers that allows them to “Win Now” which leads to increasing ‘Churn’ and revenue for your pari-mutuel facility. Additionally, we provide horse racing handicapping contest Tournament Creation-Operations-Promotions (live or online) and Head 2 Head match-up propositions for horse racing.

ROGUE RATINGS™ Computer Program

We feature Rogue Ratings™ which is an innovative and unique computer program developed by the Rogue Handicapper® that not only teaches and produces winning projected plays for new fans or novice horseplayers, but it also engages them to learn more about the handicapping process!…And doing it all right out of the gate at a quicker pace than ever was possible before! Pari-mutuel facilities and ADW’s looking for a great new tool to solve their problems with fan education and increased ‘Churn’ should look no further:

  • Give your new fans or novice horseplayers a tool that teaches and engages them to learn more quickly
  • Provide your customers access to Rogue Ratings™ content via online and traditional print out sheets
  • Create for your company a simple yet very effective tool for creating new customers and “churn”

Head 2 Head Match-ups and Money Lines for Horse Racing

(bookmaking propositions)

We are experienced line makers of horse racing betting proposition wagers and can offer your pari-mutuel facility a product offering that is an exciting wagering option for your betting customers and profitable for your company.

  • Looking to operate Head 2 Head Match-ups and money lines for horse racing’s biggest events?
  • Wanting to improve your existing bookmaking on horse racing head-to-head match-up prop’s?
  • Need a consultant to manage your head-to-head match-ups for North American horse racing?

Tournament Creations-Operations-Promotions for Horse Racing Contests

The Rogue Handicapper® extensive background, participation and involvement in horse racing handicapping contests runs the gauntlet from publishing the first book on handicapping contests, a top-level tournament player, NTRA/ NHC Player Committee Member and operates the Rogue For Hire “Exclusive Tournament Mentoring Services”.

  • Create, operate and promote your own branded ADW or Racino handicapping tournaments
  • Improving your current contests development, implementation to promotions beyond your past results
  • Meet your goals of creating new customers, satisfying current customers and creating revenue