Rogue Ratings Projections For Kentucky Derby 142

The world’s most famous horse race The Kentucky Derby 142 at Churchill Downs opens it’s starting gate on Sat, May 7th at 6:34pm est. Set your watches accordingly!


New Fan, Novice Horseplayers Allowed To Win Now

The unique Rogue Ratings computer program projections allow the new fan or novice horseplayers to learn and win at betting on the ponies now, without having to spend years or decades to do it as was required in the past!

As the ratings are presented in a simple outline to better understand a race and at the same time gives the new horseplayer sophisticated calculations that puts in their hands a level of proficiency that is far beyond their actual years of study and  mastery, which now allows the new bettors to win money betting the horses right out of the gate!

Rogue Ratings Projected Derby 142 Plays

Rogue Ratings projections point to these four (4) horses to run well in the Derby and that one of them to hit the finish-line first:

RR’s Kentucky Derby ParsRR’s Velocity Par 70/ Early Speed Par 87 (avg rogue ratings #’s of winners)

  • #20-Dancing Candy (15-1) *S* [Speed Horse]  157/ 101
  • #18-Majesto (30-1) *R2* [Rogue Squared Horse]  201/ 91
  • #5-Gun Runner (10-1) *R2* [Rogue Squared Horse]  198/ 90
  • #3-Creator (10-1) *K* [Key Horse]  196/ 89

*This order from top to bottom is a picture of the ‘race shape’ as how the race looks to run. Meaning that #20-Dancing Candy (Speed Horse) looks to run early with #18-Majesto (Rogue Squared Horse) and #5-Gun Runner (Rogue Squared Horse) both look to run mid pack, and #3-Creator (Key Horse) should be running from off-the-pace and making his move in the second half of the Kentucky Derby.

Past Derby Fields Versus This Year Field

Know how past Kentucky Derby Winners ran before their Derby race and how they stack up against this crop of 3-year-olds. Here is the Rogue Ratings computer program list of several notable past Kentucky Derby winners Velocity numbers before the Derby and their Velocity numbers coming out of the Derby:

RR’s Velocity # Going Into DerbyRR’s Velocity # Earned In The Derby

  • 2008  Big Brown                       9 – 6
  • 2012  I’ll Have Another            52 – 8
  • 2014  California Chrome        42 – 16
  • 2015  American Pharoah       41 – 10

*These numbers show the user (small sample size of four prior derby winners) of the Rogue Ratings computer program the type of velocity number required for a horse to run well and to win the Kentucky Derby from these recent past winners.

Note that this years crop of 3-year-olds look like a weaker group of horses than the four Derby winners presented above which also leads us to believe that this year’s race in particular appears to be a very wide open event.

The Rogue Handicapper’s Personal Thoughts On Derby 142index

I believe the two key horses to use in this year’s Kentucky Derby are the #3-Creator *K* (10-1)  and #5-Gun Runner *R2* (10-1). In addition to being projected plays of the Rogue Ratings computer program these two horse also are moving up in their form-cycles and should give a good account of themselves on Derby Day minus any bad racing luck during the race.

I would bet these two horses #3 and #5 as key bets in exactas and trifectas placing them (keying) in the top two spots in your exactas, and placing them (keying) in the top three spots with (around) the other potential plays of #18 and #20. Now, I would recommend playing one or two more additional horses to use in and around your exacta and trifecta besides just the #18 and #20 horses.

My specific recommendation would be to use a couple of additional horses that have worked out well at Churchill Downs in the lead-up to the derby and or have run well in races that were run at Churchill Downs because the track surface at Churchill is a type of track surface that many horses either like or don’t.

As always, may the horse or horses be with you when they hit the wire!



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