Rogue Ratings Projections for the 148th Belmont Stakes

Here we are at the last leg of this year’s Triple Crown races with the 148th Belmont Stakes and no possibility of a Triple Crown Winner like last year, but that’s ok as there is still great betting opportunities to make a hand-full of cash on the Belmont Stakes and the full Belmont Card for Saturday, June 11, 2016.

Now, NBC’s coverage of the 148th Belmont Stakes runs from 5-7 p.m. Saturday. Post time for “The Third Jewel of the Triple Crown” is scheduled for 6:32 p.m. All times are based on Eastern Standard Time.

Belmont Race 11       Post: 6:37 PM EST

Belmont S. 1 1/2 Miles | Open | 3 Year Olds | G1 STAKES | Purse: $1,500,000
Exacta, Trifecta (.50), Super (.10), Pick 3 Races (11-13), Double Wagers

Screenshot_20160609-094318The Rogue Ratings analysis of the 148th Belmont Stakes shows four potential plays by the computer program for the bettor to focus on, which are in Early Speed or Race Shape order (how the race is projected to run from the early going and later stages of the race):

#5-Stradivari *Speed horse* (5-1)

#11-Exaggerator *Rogue horse* (9/5)

#3-Cherry Wine *Rogue 2 horse * (8-1)

#10-Lani *Key horse* (20-1)

Now, the first or beginner step for analyzing the Rogue Ratings is very simple where you can just play the color/ symbol horses that are projected by the computer program.  Which simply is #3, #5, #10 & #11, but don’t mistake the simplicity of the outline given to you as being noneffective because of your initial impress as this is a highly sophisticated computer program that Delivers Winners Daily…Just see for yourself! 

Next, look at which projected horses selected by the Rogue Ratings computer program looks to have an advantage or be in a more favorable race set-up because of the race shape (how the race looks to develop/ be run) and also looking at the projected horses Velocity numbers to get a complete picture of which horse or horses look to be at an advantage.

Race Shape – When you look at this race a little closer with the race set-up in mind you will see that per the Rogue Ratings computer program that it looks to favor two horses which are #3- Cherry Wine and #10-Lani as there appears to be a good pace up front in the Belmont Stakes which should aid or help these two coming from mid-pack and off-the-pace.

Velocity Number – Now simply put velocity numbers measures a horse’s motor to give you a simple rating to see it’s ability.  On pure Velocity numbers its clear to see that #5-Stradivari and #11-Exaggerator have a large advantage over the field on their Velocity numbers which are 34 and 28.

The Rogue Handicapper® analysis of the 148th Running of the Belmont Stakes:

Putting it all together with the early speed ratings of the horses and the velocity numbers helps to give you an overall picture of which projected horse or horses per the Rogue Ratings app that look to run the best in the 148th Belmont Stakes.

But remember, you could just box all four projected plays if you wanted!

Number #5-Stradivari and #11-Exaggerator hold a considerably advantage over the rest of the field on a Velocity # stand point which may very well be too much for the other horses to overcome, but the disadvantage to these two horse and others that look to be on the early pace of this race is that if the fractions do become to fast and contested between a few of these horse then it would definitely play into the hands and set-up nicely for #3-Cherry Wine and #10-Lani!

Now, I hope you are able to see the logic of ‘how to read and analyze’ the Rogue Ratings computer program. Remember, this same approach that I have outline here for you is the same way to use and analyze these ratings on a daily basis for any tracks that you buy. All of this will lead you to making highly informed betting decisions that are far more sophisticated than your actual years of study for the new fan or novice horseplayer to get you to the cashier windows on a consistent basis!

…And as always, may your trips to the cashier windows be frequent and long!

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