Rogue Horse

The Rogue Horse is outlined here to help you to have a clear understand of the Rogue Ratings™ computer program and for using it’s potential plays to cash winning tickets! The Rogue Ratings™ App below is an example page of how the computer program looks on your mobile device or computer screen. The chart below will point out exactly what each part of the computer program screen refers to help you read, understand and utilize the Rogue Ratings™ computer program quickly and easily!

Know that the Rogue Horse is highlighted in the color Green with the symbol “R” as the Best Outlier Horse with the Low Form-Cycle/ Velocity Number in a race per the Rogue Ratings™ computer program. This type of horse just fell outside of the computer program calculations of qualifying as a Speed or Key Horse but has enough internal class and other factors on it’s side to be included in the mix as a horse that can’t be overlooked!

The Rogue Horse will appear in a smaller percentage of the races because the Rogue Ratings™ computer program calculations will not always uncover this type of hidden horse which is the best outsider horse with a low form-cycle/ velocity number in a race as they exist to a lesser degree in the racing game than the two main potential plays(speed/ key horses) per race.

Rogue Ratings Rogue Horse Example

Rogue Ratings™ computer program is laid out for you in order of early speed projections(race shapes) of which horses should or are most likely to vie for the early lead or look to be off-the-pace in a particular race. This allows you an easy and simple way to visualize, and understand which horse look to run early, mid pack or are deeper closers.

In this example the Rogue Horse is #4-ORE with an Early Speed Number of 97 which makes him tied for the third fastest horse on early speed(tied with two other horses) and that puts him in the middle group of horses as he looks to be running off the early pace in the second tier of horses in this race, which is sometimes called a stalking position.

Also, in this example the Rogue Horse is #4-ORE has a Form-cycle/ Velocity number of 318. The Rogue Ratings™ computer program selects this horse as a rogue horse potential play based on hidden, known and time tested handicapping factors that even experienced or seasoned bettor’s aren’t aware of or can’t creatively calculate together like the Rogue Ratings™ computer programs does, which determines these sophisticated potential plays in a simplified way for you to use to your advantage. Also, part of the unique genius of the Rogue Ratings™ computer program is that it determines the best potential plays(horses) to take advantage of a favorable pace scenario should it develop. All of this together is what Allows The New Fan or Novice Horseplayer To Win Now!

**Important** Know that any horse(s) in any kind of race that are listed by the Rogue Ratings™ App as Unrated Horses(highlighted in grey with the *U* symbol) can still run well enough in a race to finish second, third or fourth, but the bottom line is that the Rogue Ratings™ computer program doesn’t project(calculate) that these Unrated Horses(highlighted in grey with a *U* symbol) as being capable enough(not game enough to give a top an effort that is required) to run a winning race.

The Rogue Ratings™ computer program will recalculate scratches and possible adjusted potential plays for you in real time. The Recalculate button is the blue button that is located at the bottom of the race program page. When a horse becomes a scratch from a race just click on the green circle to the far right column of the race program page and it will turn red and then click on the Recalculate button and the computer program will then recalculate any changes that may occur.

Now, further use and deliberate study of the Rogue Ratings™ computer program will lead you the new fan or novice horseplayer to become more proficient and get better results. On top of that, it allows you to play and bet on the horses with a level of confidence, and sophistication that is way beyond your actual years of study which is all contained right at your fingertips with the Rogue Ratings™ App!

Also, by interpreting projected race shapes to analyzing the form-cycle/ velocity numbers it will bring into focus additional ways(angles) that you didn’t think of before that you are now able to use with the Rogue Ratings™ computer program to raise your handicapping skill and overall game to a higher level!…I will see you at the cashier windows!