Using the Rogue Ratings™ Advanced Handicapping Method will bring to light the following:

  1. Allow You to increase your number of potential plays per race and or over the entire race card.
  2. Increase Your possibility of winning more wagers and at bigger payouts.
  3. Put in Your hands another piece of turf information not possessed by the public at large.

Rogue Ratings™ Allows YOU the New Fan or Novice Horseplayer To Win Now!

The bottom-line here is that as you continue to study and gain more knowledge using the unique Rogue Ratings™ computer program the more enjoyment, fun and success you will have!

The Rogue Ratings™ Advanced Handicapping Method:

*Is Another Horse(non-highlighted) That Is Within the Key Horse Velocity Number by 6 Points then that horse can be used as another outlier horse to use in your wagering*

In each race check what the Key Horse Velocity Number is and then compare to see if there is another horse in the same race that is within 6 velocity points of the Key Horse velocity number. Then that horse can be used as another outlier horse to use in your wagering. This will be a horse that is a non-highlighted horse which is any other horse that is not selected as a Speed, Key or Rogue Horse. But this concept is not usable with First-time starters/ Foreign Horse as they are calculated differently because of their racing situation. The horse or horses(excluding FTS or Foreign) that are within this range can be included as additional plays for you to use to in your wagering!

The Advanced Handicapping Method gives you an additional concept to use with the Rogue Ratings™ computer program to get winners and winners at boxcar prices that the public or public handicappers can only dream about! But, you won’t because YOU WILL HAVE THE ROGUE RATINGS™ APP WORKING FOR YOU TO USE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Rogue Ratings™ Will Crush The Learning Curve That Exists Against You and It Will Make You a More Sophisticated Handicapper Beyond Your Actual Years of Study…Right Out of the Gate!

Further use and deliberate study of the Rogue Ratings™ computer program will lead you to become more proficient and get better results. Also, from interpreting projected race shapes to analyzing the form-cycle/ velocity numbers it will bring into focus additional ways(angles) that you didn’t think of before where you are now able to use the Rogue Ratings™ computer program to raise your handicapping skill and overall game to a higher level!