The offers these advice services for horseplayers:

  • Rogue Ratings™Unique computer program that teaches new and novice horseplayers
  • Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge 2017 – A $10,000 commissioned-base stake
  • “Battle of Saratoga” Handicapping Challenge 2017 – A $2,000 commissioned-based stake
  • Daily Free PicksGiving you an opportunity to get more winners and cash more tickets
  • “From The Rail” Blog – Hal Wafer gives news for both the daily bettor & contest player
  • “Going Rogue” Blog – Kayla Staples provides her perspective as a new horse racing enthusiast

These are great advice services that offer the new, novice and seasoned horseplayer, or contest player information that they can use to advantage at the track or in the tournament room.

NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME, new or novice players get highly specialized betting information with the use of Rogue Ratings™ computer program without requiring them to do the years or decades of study to have a “huge” edge against your competition at the track. And offering you two tournament mentoring packages that put you on “par” with sophisticated tournament players for “Huge Money”! NOW, THAT IS HARD TO BEAT!

Making New Fans, Novice Horseplayers or Seasoned Gamblers…Winners Out Of The Gate!

The Rogue Ratings™ Edge

Rogue Ratings™ will give you daily and throughout the year an information edge you need and are looking for against the betting public that you just won’t find anywhere else! The Rogue Ratings™ computer program is a highly-specialized tool that shows you straightforwardly with symbols, colors and ratings in each race the potential horses for you to wager on at the track. Trust me, you will have consistent winners and winners at long shot odds that the public can only dream about!

Your Opportunity To Hire The Rogue Handicapper® Team                               For Two Premier Contests Held On The Calendar – BCBC and                     “Battle of Saratoga”

New fans, novice bettors and seasoned gamblers looking to jump in the “Deep Water” of contest play to “Win Life Changing Money” will instantly be “In Play” with a legit shot at taking down some “Serious Money” just by buying one or both of the contest mentoring packages offered here. Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge 2017 tournament package (a $10,000 commissioned-based stake) and or the “Battle of Saratoga” Handicapping Challenge 2017 tournament package (a $2,000 commissioned-based stake) offered here at is second to none and will help give YOU a realistic opportunity to “Cash In Big” for a “life changing score” that you have only dreamed about! Get started by e-mailing us at

The tournament information and knowledge that Rogue Handicapper® Team (Conte-Wafer) partnership offers you is literally worth it’s weight in gold!…We have already been there and done it! Hire Us This Year if your looking for the opportunity to cash in big at the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge 2017 or at the “Battle of Saratoga” Handicapping Challenge 2017!

High-Quality Daily Free Picks

Daily Free Picks are offered daily “Free of Charge” to horseplayers that sign up for the service! Subscribers to the Daily Free Picks service get high-quality free potential plays daily to help them cash tickets! This is all outlined in an easy to understand and follow layout that regular subscribers have come to love from the Rogue Ratings™ app, which gives you symbols, colors and ratings to point out who the potential plays are with the Daily Free Picks!…Give Yourself the Opportunity of an Extra Trip to the Cashier Window by Taking Advantage of this Highly-Specialized Information which is Not Know To The Betting Public At Large!

“From The Rail” Blog With Hal Wafer

Hal Wafer is a long time horse racing handicapper, analyst and professional tournament player. He first got involved in racing and sports betting in the early 80’s learning the game with his father at local off-track-betting parlor’s, harness & thoroughbred tracks and betting sports shops.

He is a graduate of the Race Track Industry Program at the University of Arizona where he learned the business side of both horse racing and bookmaking. He worked with and was tutored by several of the industry’s legends where he gained an rare insider’s view that many people never see or experience that supplies him with betting/ handicapping knowledge not possessed by the majority of handicappers. This definitely gives him an edge over many horseplayer and sports bettors by knowing what “actually” takes place behind the scenes at the racetrack or what is in odds makers’ “thoughts” when putting up a sports betting line or behind the counter in the Las Vegas sports books.

His diverse background covers many different facets of the horse racing and sports betting industry from The United States Trotting Association (USTA), The Orleans Casino, The Barbary Coast Casino, The Gold Coast Casino, Mexico race & sports books(Turf Clubs),, just to mention a few.

As a professional handicapping tournament player, one of his greatest moments was being complimented and respected for his handicapping by his handicapping partner, the legendary John Conte the 2009 National Handicapping Champion. Check out all of Hal Wafer’s documented tournament results at the Tournament Results link on the website. As the Rogue Handicapper® likes to say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”!

“Going Rogue” Blog With Kayla Staples

Kayla Joy Staples is excited to be part of the Rogue Handicapping team. Originally from Tucson, Arizona this desert girl grew up exploring the outdoors, going to horse camps and was always up for a new adventure or challenge. Leaving Tucson for UCLA, Kayla became an active member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and graduated with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. After attending a sorority alumni event at the horse track a few years ago, Kayla became increasingly interested in horse racing, and connected with the Rogue Handicapping team to help bring horse racing to the new generation of novice players, who like her want to get in the game (with a little help from the pros).