Understanding The Rogue Ratings App- Step 2 – The *U* Unrated Horse

imagesThe Unrated Horse is highlighted in grey with the symbol *U* is a horse that can still run well enough in a race to finish second, third or fourth, but the bottom line is that the Rogue Ratings™ computer program doesn’t project(calculate) that these Unrated Horses as being capable enough(not game enough) to give a top effort that is required to run a winning race.

Know that these *U* Unrated Horses can appear in any type of race and in some races these types of horse may even make up the majority of horses in a race depending on the circumstances. Realize, that in a small amount of races you may very well see a complete field of only unrated horses, which should suggest to you that this particular race is most likely a wide open race and or a chaotic type of race where anything can, and usually does happen!

The contrarian/ rogue logic here with the *U* Unrated Horses is that it points out very clearly to the new fan or novice handicapper which horses you should avoid wagering on be it to Win or keying on top of your exotic bets.

Remember, it is not always about looking for the winners, but a lot of the time you can get to the winners by “Eliminating the losers” and this is precisely another feature of what the Rogue Ratings™ computer program does for the new fan or novice handicapper, and doing it all “Right out of the Gate!”

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