About RogueHandicapper.com

The Rogue Handicapper® created this website as a tool for new fans, novice and seasoned handicappers, tournament players and sophisticated gamblers on “How to Gain” an invaluable edge against their competition and Cash More Tickets!  

I believe these introductory points that are presented to you here is the correct way to build your turf-education which is upon a solid foundation. I show you these specific things to give you a good overall understanding of the right way to approach the game from both a handicapping and a mental standpoint. All of the turf-knowledge I share with you here and throughout the whole website will be an empowerment to you throughout all of your handicapping endeavors.

“I’m Not A Miracle Worker, But I Will Make You A Bettor Horseplayer”

Racing Luck

The first thing many new fans and novice horseplayers need to know is that in horse racing and in trying to handicap(predict the results) the races is that the “racing luck” factor does have a powerful influence upon the running of racesA horse can be the best horse on paper(past performances) and still lose because there are many things that can happen to a horse during the running of a race that hinder its chances of winning or running well in a race. And remember, that “racing luck” can help a horse(win or run better) just as much as it can hurt a horses chances(lose or run worst) in a race. It works both ways!

There are a number of reasons why a horse can have a bad showing which can range from a slow start, a poor ride by the jockey or having been checked or blocked during the running of the race that made the horse lose a number of lengths and not perform at it’s best. Even with “racing luck” exerting it’s powerful influence in races it is really amazing how consistently horses perform!

Honesty of The Game

New fans or novice horseplayers should not buy into the notion that horse racing is fixed because the fact is that horse racing is one of the most regulated sports and wagering activities around. Take this from someone who has worked in different facets within the racing industry. This is nothing more than the cry of the players who haven’t taken the time to study or work on their game(deliberate practice) and find it just easier to blame something or someone outside of themselves for their poor results. By looking at races as honest and taking the time to learn the art of handicapping you will raise your level of play and get more positive results! I Guarantee It!

Mental Part of The Game

Here is something I take very seriously that is vastly overlooked or not understood by the masses of horseplayers which is a mental concept which is to take responsibility for yourself as a player and a person because I firmly know(not believe) that you have to get rid of your “Ego”! This is the number one reason horseplayers or people in daily life come up short because of their “Ego” which has them think they know it all and doesn’t allow them to see things(analyze) clearly for what they are(“what it is”). Toss your “ego” and you will advance your game to a higher-level than you ever imagined. Trust Me On That!

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The Rogue Handicapper® offers his Daily Free Picks to new fans, novice bettors and experienced horse players to use individually or as adjunct pick to their existing plays to help you get to the cashier windows! These Daily Free Picks are produced by the Rogue Ratings™ situational race analysis program For You to gain an edge against Your competition at the track.

“From The Rail” Blog with Hal Wafer

The “From The Rail” blog features the Rogue Handicapper® who will provide all types of horseplayers(new, novice or experienced) insightful analysis of the Rogue Ratings™ computer program for races coast-to-coast. Also, he will give you an insider’s view of the game by writing articles that cover daily handicapping, handicapping tournaments and industry topics.  Additionally, the Rogue Handicapper® will be presenting new and contrarian ideas to growth the game of horse racing and to attract new fans and novice handicappers to this great game!

“Going Rogue” Blog with Kayla Staples

Also, the Rogue Handicapper® provides a perspective from a new horse racing enthusiast point of view in the “Going Rogue” blog that features Kayla Joy Staples as she learns the game. Kayla Joy Staples is excited to be part of the Rogue Handicapping team. After attending a sorority alumni event at the horse track a few years ago, Kayla became increasingly interested in horse racing, and connected with the Rogue Handicapping team to help bring horse racing to the new generation of novice players, who like her want to get in the game (with a little help from the pros).

Additionally, Kayla played in her first horse racing handicapping tournament which was the Belmont Park Contest held on June 20 & 21, 2015 where she finished 25th against some of the best tournament handicappers “right out of the gate” and she did it all using the Rogue Ratings™ computer program!