Rogue Ratings and Ellen Patrick Strikes Again In The Wynn $200K Qualifier

Ellen Patrick uses the Rogue Ratings computer program to propel her to a second place finish in the Wynn $200k Challenge Qualifier, which lands her a $2,000.00 seat at the $200,000 Wynn Challenge being held on Aug 4-5 in Las Vegas, NV.

She came in second with a score of $78.60 from 12 contest races in the Pick & Pray format where contest players must put all their contest plays in before the first contest event kicks-off.

“Ellen has been on a great roll and I know it will only continue as she has really studied hard and long to understand and master the Rogue Ratings computer program, and the strategies I taught her in my Rogue For Hire Exclusive Tournament Mentoring Services”, says Hal Wafer, aka Rogue Handicapper.

For anyone looking to increase their game in the tournament room can find out more information on the website.



  1. Gordon Osborne says:

    TO:MR. HAL WAFER: We met at a resort as you kindly helped me with directions, advice, and information, about the NEW, Rogue Handicapper! After you sold me on the service, upon returning to hotel, I left 2 messages asking that you contact me before I left. At home I tried to call you a few times. No luck. Then I tried to sign up on the website with no luck, but am one of the least proficient people with a computer! Would you be able to send a phone number I could call if I need help? Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Gordon Osborne
    2018 Sugar Hill Dr
    Creedmoor, NC 27522

    • Hi, Gordon!

      Yes, I remember! I will be calling you to help you in the process of signing up and using the Rogue Ratings computer program.
      And thank you again for your interest in our product!

      Thank you,
      Hal Wafer aka, The Rogue Handicapper

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